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An all-round experience designed for you

Choosing to attend College Como will allow you to live your teen years in a welcoming environment tailored to your needs. It is a balanced path which includes a thorough school education and a fruitful development of your talents and skills. Sharing this experience with peers, aged 14 -19, will allow you to grow and make new friends, and at the same time, start to develop some independence.

  • A campus surrounded by nature

    A campus surrounded by nature

    College Como is located in Novedrate, just outside Como, surrounded by a vast park. It includes lecture and study areas, as well as areas equipped with all services for a comfortable stay of the students.

  • Lessons with specialised teachers

    Lessons with specialised teachers

    In the morning, lessons of your subjects are taught by specialised teachers and, in our Bilingual Course, by native speakers. By attending mini classes, you will receive personalised support in your course of studies, with teaching methods tailored to your needs.

  • Afternoons of studies and sports

    Afternoons of studies and sports

    The second part of the day is initially dedicated to homework and reinforcement activities, supported by teachers who help you build a study method. In the second part of the afternoon, you can choose to attend workshops or sport activities.

  • Year Catch up Service

    Year Catch up Service

    Through customised preparation, College Como gives you the opportunity to make up for a possible lost year by taking relevant exams.

  • A path to be built together

    A path to be built together

    During your time at the College, you will be supported by trained figures who will help you express your best in school and in life. Lecturers, educators, and pedagogical coaches will all accompany you towards a serene development of your personality.

  • Weekend activities

    Weekend activities

    At weekends we organise many fun and educational activities such as excursions, visit to museums, games, theatres, cinemas, go-karting, laser games, according to your interests.

  • Sport activities and workshops

    Sport activities and workshops

    The sports you can choose to participate in at the College range from outdoor activities to team games such as football, basketball and rugby, or individual sports such as swimming, climbing, horse riding and martial arts. There are also many workshops to choose from: from theatre to cooking, from photography to painting... there is something for everyone!

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