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Educational activities, recreation, and independence

What we offer

  • Organized days, educational activities, after-school activities, workshops, sports, and recreational activities. At the weekend, there is always room for outside experiences like excursions, games, and fun.
  • Autonomy in managing oneself, one's belongings and one's space.
  • Respect for rules, for others and for one's own person.
  • Individual and customised teaching with teachers who are careful to the student's needs.
  • Ongoing discussions with teachers and educators
  • Discovering new interests

Our distinctive traits

  • A unique and exclusive residential college nestled in Brianza’s plain.
  • In the mornings students attend classes in small groups and in the afternoons, they can study and play sports.
  • Students can live on their own and start being independent and responsible.
  • Educators are always there and will follow students with a personalised project.
  • Students can make new friends and get to know other traditions and cultures.
  • They will be provided with a modern, new, and stimulating environment.
  • They will be offered the possibility of cultural exchanges in affiliated international colleges

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